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Fire , Allied Perils and , Burglary

Burglary insurance coverage is against loss as the
result of burglary, it covers loss of merchandise, furniture, equipments, fixtures due to force and violence to the exterior of a business’s premises in order to gain entry and damage to the premises of the business as the result
of burglary.

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Scope of Cover

Fire-Material Damage

The insurance policy broadly covers losses due to fire, lightning, explosion, and aircraft damage, bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks. The property in question can be in the form of buildings, machinery, stock, furniture and other similar property.
For an additional premium, the policy can be extended to cover special perils such as earthquake, storm & flood, malicious damage.

Fire-Consequential Loss

In addition to the material damage loss caused by fire, there are other losses to commercial firms resulting from interruption/disruption of business activities. Consequential loss insurance can remedy this situation by paying for:
- Gross Profit
- Rent
- Architect, surveyors, and consulting engineer’s fees.
- Debris Removal

Property All Risk & Household Comprehensive

Property insurance is the coverage for an insured whose property is damaged or destroyed by an insured peril.

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