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The purpose of marine insurance is to cover goods
in transit during, land, sea and by air.

Marine Cargo Conditions:

There are three insurance conditions that are
mostly used amongst of many existing marine insurance conditions.
These conditions are :

Institute Cargo Clauses “A” 1/1/82
Institute Cargo Clauses “B” 1/1/82
Institute Cargo Clauses “C” 1/1/82
Institute Cargo Clause (Air)

Significant Exclusions:

This Policy does not cover loss or damage due to wilful misconduct, ordinary leakage, improper packing, and delay, war, strike, riot and civil commotion.


Rate depends on factors like nature of goods, scope of cover, packing, mode of conveyance, distance and past claims experience.

Extended Coverage:

Like any other insurance, on payment of additional premium, Cargo Insurance conditions can be extended subject to your requirements, below are some examples of the extension cover :

Institute War Clauses 1/1/82.
Institute Strikes Clauses 1/1/82.

Download Marine Insurance application form in pdf format
Download Pleasure application form in
pdf format

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