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Motor insurance covers the insured party against
financial loss that he may incur to repair his vehicle
ora third parties in the event of an accident.

Kinds of Coverage for Motor Insurance:
• Comprehensive:

Covers any loss and/or damage to a vehicle in respect of property damage and/or Third Party Liability. Loss or damage to a vehicle is included in the “Own Damage” form of insurance when the contingency is caused by the following perils:

Accidental external means.
Fire or Explosion.
But the own damage does not include:
Mechanical or Electrical breakdowns, failures or breakages.
Theft of accessories if the vehicle itself is not stolen.

• Total Loss Only:

Covers any loss of motor vehicle due to theft or if cost of repair exceeds 60% of value at risk.

• Third Party Liability:

Covers you against the damage you may cause to any third party person or their property. Any third party is the one, which, is not connected with you in any way. Third Party Liability policy is divided into two:

1- Bodily Injuries caused to third parties resulting from a road accident and as per Motor Compulsory Law Decree 105
2- Material Damages

Under what conditions is a claim not honoured?

Driving without an effective and valid license.
Acts of Gods such as: earthquakes, flood & storm, landslide, etc…
Loss or Damage by nuclear or allied perils.
Use outside geographical area.
War and allied perils.
Driving a rented car.

Suppose I lend my car to my relative or friend, is he/she covered under my motor insurance policy?

Yes, provided he/she holds a valid license to drive.

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